Sunday, March 24, 2013

Michael's sale today

Around 9:00 or so this morning, sister called about a sale at M's ... 70% off paper packs. But wait! There's more!  An additional 20% off today only!

My oh my, did I get my fanny there in a BIG hurry!  Threw on any ole thing including a baseball cap. Some of us (moi) even brushed our teeth.

I rushed to the paper section only to find the paper that is 40% off.  Still good, but not what I wanted. Looked some more. Couldn't find it. There was a bin with no signs.  AT ALL. looked around some more.  Finally asked a clerk where the paper would be. Even showed her the ad.  She told me to look where the SB paper is located as if I didn't have a brain in my body. (I'm sure that the baseball cap that was just about covering my entire face didn't help the cause.). Told her, nope, I already looked there.

She went with me. No paper at 70% off. She called another gal who also was unaware of said paper's location.

We three gals of Miiiichaels are.  On a quest for paper to buy.  Remember the bin with no price within? That was the paper for sure.  (Did you sing the last four sentences?)

No signs. Nope. No stickers on the pads either. But! She shoots! She scores! She buys!

Bee-yo-tee-full papers!  Three pads, regularly $19.99 each.  Final price with tax and everything?  Drumroll, please (rmrmrmrmrmrmrm - where's the dang drumroll emoticon?). $15.25!  That,  my dear friends, is a savings of $3.76 (before tax) for just ONE pack.

Guess what? I left the store at least 15 minutes post paper find. Still no signs.  Sigh.

Rushed home eager to peruse the stacks in all of their untaped-edge glory.   There's a lot I don't know yet about this new hobby/obsession.  The biggest thing I need to learn, you ask?  You did, right?  How to remove off those #%]{^~€ circles of tape from the edges of the packs.

Before I could even begin my ooohhhing and aaahhhing, sister called and said I should go to M's. I told her that I was already home.  And that I even brushed my teeth.

My stash grows by leaps and bounds.  Some are so dang purtythat I just might go right back and save even MORE money.


  1. Alright ... do you have to tell EVERYBODY that I didn't brush my teeth? Good thing I didn't tell you I pulled a tee shirt out of the dirty clothes or else you would have posted that, too! With my three returns ($4.99 without tax) and the four pads at 70% off and one pad at 40% off, a package of five mini crochet flowers AND a 25% off coupon, my bill was only $29.59 ... and I used my $20 thank you (retreat) giftcard - sooooooo, bottom line, I spent only $9.59 - but WAIT. The Runner gave me money when I went for Jury Duty and I didn't give it back to him. So, I guess I got off scott free! LOVE shopping days like that. PS - I've showered AND brushed my teeth and am wearing all clean clothes. Ready to craft now!

    1. I was NOT the one who outed you about your hygiene. You just did!

    2. Oh, and I will tell the Runner about the $!


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