Friday, November 21, 2014

The Runner and the Pumpkin

A few months ago, sister gifted me with one of her fantastic creations.  She made me a pumpkin!  (See the post here.)

Apparently, the Runner (sister's DH) liked it so much that he wanted to keep it. When I heard that I decided to make one for his birthday on November 21.  I wanted it to be the most fantasy-inspired pumpkin you've ever seen.  I think this fits the bill, don't you?

I started with a papier mache pumpkin from Michael's.  I gessoed and painted it and then did the whimsical checkerboard pattern.  Then I turned it upside down and sprayed it with a number of colors of Dyan Reavely's sprays, allowing the paint to drip down toward the top of the pumpkin. Then I added different glitters to add even more zing!

Don't you just love the top?

Hmmm ... now I know how the Runner felt ... I want to keep this!


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  1. Oh la la ... and now it's sitting on our dry sink with the other Autumn-like items. Very Mardi Gras ...



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