Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy 18th Birthday to Haley

I belong to a Cricut Explore group on Facebook, and one of the members posted this last week:

My girlfriend's granddaughter (she has had custody for 15 years), is turning 18 on July 22. She is developmentally delayed and squeals with delight each time she receives a handmade card. ... but I'd like to ask if anyone could, or would care to pm me regarding making her a card for her 18th birthday. She is so excited about turning 18. Even though she will never drive a car, be able to make change or do some of the things we take for granted, this child always has a smile and hug and is a delight to be around. I would love to shower her with homemade cards for her birthday. I made her a princess castle card that she has on her dresser and she thanks me for it every time she sees it!! I can imagine what she would do with a bunch of handmade cards but I'd be willing to post pictures!!!

I thought that this is such a kind thing for the lady to do.  And it gave me a perfect opportunity to work on learning how to use my machine.  So off I went, and I found the cut file for this card.  The free cut file is from Narelle Darley, one of the best Cricuteers out there.  Be sure to check out her site for some good ideas!



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  1. Looks like you're getting your money's worth on that new machine. Cute card.



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