Monday, May 29, 2017

Rusted Camera

I saw this project on Finnabair's blog, and I knew that I had to try to recreate it (with, of course, my own interpretation).  The problem, though, was that I didn't have a camera just sitting around, waiting to be turned into a mixed media project.

One afternoon, DH came down from the attic carrying a box.  Inside was an old camera!  Wahoo!  Let the project begin!

The following is my first attempt at adding a YouTube video to my blog.




  1. WOW - just WOW. Amazing ... this looks like it's been sitting on the ocean bed for years and years and years.

    Where will you display it?

  2. Thanks. I don't know yet where it's final display location will be. I think I need to "rust up" something for it to stand upon. Maybe a box?


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