Sunday, July 7, 2013

Motivation - my first mini album

Isn't it interesting how one can think and muse and stew and consider and ponder to no avail and then <click> with a snap of the fingers it all falls into place?  I started this mini album several weeks ago and kept pushing it to the back burner, all because I didn't know what to do to finish it.  Then, just a few nights ago it all jelled.  Thanks to sister for her critique this afternoon.

This mini album is all about motivation with some interesting quotes that really spoke to my heart.  I plan to keep it on my desk in the next school year to look at often in order to get the motivation flowing.

Isn't this DCWV paper from the Tattered Time stack stunning?  It has some unembellished papers as well as some drool-worthy embossings. I love the dark, somewhat grungy look to it.

Here's the finished product!

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  1. Wahoo ... #1 of many more to come. Keep on crafting!


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