Saturday, February 15, 2014


I found a really cute card sketch online (wish I could remember the site!), so I used it ... along with variations ... to make my cards this year.  It's interesting how using the same papers and embellishments with different layouts can make every card look unique.  Enjoy!


  1. Wahoo ... and we got one, too! It's the second one from the top. Dodie, thanks!

  2. Your cards are little works of ART Dodie! Beautiful! ....Thanks for the sweet comment you left at my blog! (I answered your questions there, but I'll answer here as well....
    To answer your questions....
    1. This video is sped up but not by a lot...I only have about an hour and 20 minutes battery time on my video camera (I do it with my phone) basically the actual time in making my actual layout is about an hour and a half.
    2. Funny enough, my sister in law's name is Patricia Pollacco, but she is not the famous book author (She actually spells her name with one less 'c' Pollaco :) her books though, I used to read them to my kiddies.
    3. This particular piece is a scrapbook page, it can be displayed in an album or in a frame :) I will probably rotate this one into one of the many frames I have on my scrapbook room wall :)


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