Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tickled pink

In conjunction with the gift that I made for sister (see tomorrow's post), I put together this card on a whim.  I had seen something on a blog post somewhere (I really don't remember and can't find it) that had a flamingo and words along the lines of "tickled pink" in the sentiment.

So, off I went to Cricut Design Space.  I found a flamingo cut in the freebie section (or was it something I own?), cut it and added some feathers and Glossy Accents to the beak and eye.  Since I'm not too good at stamping, I thought "What the heck?" and used a thin Sharpie in the pen adapter I purchased last year from Amy Chomas' shop; I had it write onto a banner and then cut.  I have a pad of paper that included a small design of flamingos that I thought would be PERFECT for this card, but the color was too dark, and the flamingo just blended into the background.  Waaaahhhh!

All it needed was a few sequins and a pink star on the flamingo's chest to finish it off.  Hope she enjoyed it!

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  1. YES, I did/do enjoy the card. That flamingo is such a sassy little thing and the sequins are a perfect touch, along with the feathers.

    Thank you!


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