Thursday, December 8, 2016

April "Thing"

Sister stopped eating chocolate on September 1, 2014, which she loves to tell everyone.  So it’s sort of funny that she gave me this photo for her April “place” picture since her name is Sue.

I started by selecting and feathering a portion of the photo.  Then I duplicated it a number of times and put them together.  I printed it onto tissue paper, glued it onto the tag, and added a light (diluted) layer of Picket Fence stain.  I didn’t like that it was still a bit too dark, so I added texture paste with the Gothic stencil.  Once it dried, I brushed the tops of the design with Salty Ocean and Rusty Hinge Distress Inks.  Next, I added some Ranger Foil Sheets to represent the foil wrapper on a Hershey’s Kiss.

I cut a strip out of the photograph to use as the main image; it just says Dr. Sue’s Chocolates.  I adhered it with two little brads with blue centers to pick up the blues in the tag.  I used Alcohol Ink to color two pieces to show 2014 as well as a charm that says Courageous because it is courageous to give up something that you love.  Since my birthday is 9/14, I also added a rub on for the 20 for 2014 so that she wouldn’t think it relates to my birthday. Finally, I added some Chit Chat stickers that say “I applaud your work” to show her how great she has done.

I attached the entire tag to a piece of brown cardstock (brown … the color of chocolate) and used some brown ribbon and a piece of hand died ribbon for the top of the tag.

Here is her original photo:



  1. Yikes! I made some boo-boos on this post.

    It should be April "Place"

    It should say how well she has done.

    It's hand dyed, not hand died.

    Sheesh! What was I thinking?

  2. Okay - you got me with the "Hershey Kisses" ... now I want chocolate for breakfast! (But I won't do it. Why would I ruin that two year, four month and eight day run!?!)

    You "boo-boo'd" because you were thinking chocolate as a thing and not a place, right?

    You need to tell me how you feather a photo - this is a new one for me. However it's done, I like the way it looks when finished! We also need to talk about the foil sheets. I might need to (!gasp!) invest in some of these because I love the look.

    Thank you for applauding my work. Yes, it continues to be work ... some days I miss it so much but each day, it really does get easier and easier. Every once in a while I'll see something chocolate and I just about collapse.

    I'm glad you chose this tag!



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