Thursday, December 22, 2016

November "Place"

Sister found and photographed this place during one of her retreat trips (I think).  My name is Dodie, which isn't exactly a very common name.  It's one of those names from when I was a kid and always was disappointed because I couldn't find a mug or a cute necklace or one of those bicycle license plates with my name on it.  Lo and behold, though, there it was on the sign of a restaurant in the Dallas area!  I guess good things really do come to those who wait!

The "2" bingo piece signifies the two of us.  Now that our parents are no longer living, it's just her and me to represent our family.  The fibers for the tag holder have been living in my stash for at least four years.  I knew I was saving it for something special!
Isn't the alcohol ink paper gorgeous?  I love creating with it, especially since it is virtually impossible to make a duplicate!  What fun!

Throughout this project, it's been great to go "shopping" in my stash of handmade flowers.  These two flowers are no exception.  The larger one is made of crinoline, a technique I learned from Tammy Tutterow.  The smaller one is a cut from the Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge. 
I added one of Tim Holtz's word charms ... the "found" is perfect because of how she found the restaurant!

I made a bow out of some lace in my stash and used more of the fibers to tie it.
And, finally, I added some of Tim's Chit Chat stickers with the sentiment that i love my sister. 


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  1. Yes, the picture was taken during one of my recent trips. As we were cutting through a parking lot looking for a Joann's, I spotted it and just had to take a picture. Yes, Dodie is a unique name - sure beats the other one, doesn't it? Thank you, Julie, for driving out of our way so that I could get this shot. She laughed at me because I took six pictures. Good thing I did, too, because the one I sent to you was the sixth one.

    I should probably use my alcohol inks more often - it's fun to get a different look each time. I like how the colors on this tag just "go" with the building and sign. It's cool that the fibers work with the inks and building, too.

    Yep - it's just the "2" of us now ... and I love you, too.



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