Friday, December 2, 2016

January "Person"

Oh. My. Gosh.  How could I have chosen any photo besides this one?  I IMMEDIATELY thought of the phrase “Crack of Dawn” and knew that I had to use the sun ray stencil.

One of the tags of the month from 2015 included some foil on the edges that made me want to try it.  So, there it went on this tag.  I repeated the shiny gold pattern with Perfect Pearls.

I stamped the words to include on the tag using individual letter stamps.  The buckle and ribbon at the bottom of the tag represents the belt that he, unfortunately, could no longer cinch shut. Then I printed a small portion of the photo featuring just his butt crack with a little bit of his sweat pants and added it to a charm which I suspended from more of the number ribbon at the top of the tag.

I chuckle every time I think of this tag.

Here is her original photo:   



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  1. I am soooooooooo glad you chose this picture. We've all seen the posted pictures of people at Walmart but I've never seen anybody even remotely photo worthy. Until this man!!!!! The funny part was me walking behind him trying to get his picture - with my camera! The Runner told me not to take his picture. WHAT? How could I not? Just like you thinking "How could I have chosen any photo besides this one?" Then he recommended I use my phone instead. As I was fumbling in my purse for it - and still following him, I looked up and a young couple got between me and this man and they were both taking pictures with their phones. See? Not such a terrible thing to do!!!!!

    This is great ... I'm so glad you're posting the tags. It's forcing me to go back and really study each tag - something I've not done since I quickly opened them the other day. The foil'd edges? Just like sun rays bouncing off the mountains. Didn't notice this on the first go-around.

    The sun ray stencil was a great complement for this tag and your title. Genius! And so is the "belt buckle" and the charm. The charm! OMGoodness - it's perfect. Love that you didn't adhere it to the tag because the movement is just like him jiggling through the aisles.

    PS. My daughter-in-law's name is Dawn. My son has a tee shirt that says "I wake up every morning to the crack of Dawn."


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