Friday, December 16, 2016

August "Thing"

The August person/place/thing photograph that I chose was the "thing" one sister sent to me.  The picture is of a parking place at the Ikea store.  As soon as I saw it, I knew that this would be the photo I used!  I have had the male and female dies for forever, and this was a perfect use for it. 

I chose to use enjoy the journey because a trip to Ikea is certainly a journey. The fabric through the top of the tag's hole is Tim's Eclectic Elements fabric; it's hard to see in the photo, but it is a map, which certainly goes with the journey theme.  In fact, every time I go to Ikea (okay, it's only been twice) I feel like I need a map to navigate through it.
Yep, you are here alright.  I wonder if there are guideposts to help you when you get into the parking lot?

Finally, the number two goes along with the two stick figures and the two die cuts.  What a fun time I had creating this tag!


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  1. You are correct. The people dies are perfect for this tag. I especially love the fact that they are glittery-blue in color. AND - the fact that their legs are bent is even better!

    The second I saw the fabric, I knew what it was - and you're right. Unless you go there frequently, you do need a map to navigate your way through the store. (BTW ... we no longer need the map because we've been there so often!)

    Great tag. Great job.


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