Tuesday, December 20, 2016

October "Place"

This tag was a real stretch.  You can see the logo for Merrill Lynch on the corner of the building.  As much as I love blue, the photo was almost totally blue.  Sister sure made it tough to make this tag!

Aren't the blue and green sparkly fibers adorable?  Sister gifted them to me during my trip to Texas in 2015.  They have been resting in my drawer, waiting for the perfect place to use them.  This was the perfect place!
I added quite a bit of stamping to the background, a background courtesy of Creative Chemistry 103.  I also added stamping to the photograph to give it some more interest.

I thought that the keyhole was a perfect addition to the picture.  (Shh ... I added it because the stamping didn't go all the way to the end of the picture.)  The flower was in my flower stash as was the blue fabric flower.  I'm really enamored with adding cheesecloth to the back of the photos.

Here's one last view of the bottom of the tag.  As difficult as it was to come up with an idea, it all gelled in the end.



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  1. Other than the eye, I didn't notice any of the other stamping on the tag until seeing this post. Everything else (birds, writing, flourishes) just blended into the background. Actually, I'm guessing that's exactly what they were supposed to do. LOL.

    I'm glad I sent you this picture - you did it wonders.

    Happy crafting!


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