Saturday, December 10, 2016

May "Person"

In May, I chose the person picture. I think that Sister said they are her feet up against her walking buddy's feet. However, I used some of my Photoshop skills to duplicate the feet with a flip as well.

I really tried to work from my stash of goodies accumulated for the past three years. In fact, the spray of pearls came from Sister when she was destashing her playground. The flowers came from my purchases way back in 2013 when I went to convention with her.  The zig zag on the sides?  Yep, another stash item!

Finally, another use of stashed materials, this time being the doily.  I topped it all off with some really sparkly rick rack that was ... you guessed it!  In my stash!


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  1. You're correct. The feet belonged to my walking buddy. Only thing is, we only walked together one time and then she had a stroke. (She's doing VERY well now though!)

    Ahhhhhhhhhh - what goes around comes around, I see. Glad to see you got use of the pearl spray. And now it's back in The Playground.

    LOVE how you flipped and duplicated our feet. Great technique.

    I never would have thought you would use this picture - but glad that you did. Good job!



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